What we believe

We believe that growing your business is an awesome adventure and that you are  heroes on a journey.

We believe in listening first.

We believe everyone needs the chance to say what’s on their mind and to be heard.

We believe all ideas have value.

We believe that when people share ideas, good things happen.

We believe that people want to feel comfortable at home AND at work and that a big part of that is listening and talking to each other in helpful ways.

We believe that listening and talking in helpful ways are skills that must be learned.

We believe every person adds value and that the work they do really matters.

We believe in fair pay for good work.

We believe when people know exactly what’s expected of them, they can excel.

We believe everyone deserves a chance to move up and to know exactly how they can.

We believe that when people feel supported and appreciated, they shine.

We believe small changes can make a big difference.

We believe that when people and the businesses they power align, it creates an upward spiral of mutual success.

Sometimes aligning, partnering, compensating fairly, knowing what’s expected, making change, even small ones, can be daunting when you are going it alone.

That’s why we’re here.

We help your small to mid-sized company and the people that power it become more mutually aligned and therefore successful by guiding you, as together we build important organizational infrastructures including total compensation programs and partnership model communications tailored to your specific organization’s unique needs, thereby empowering you to attract, motivate, and retain the high performing employees you need to succeed.

Why?  Because, highly engaged and committed people create high performing companies. Because, when people know they are paid fairly for where they are; why they are where they are; and how and when they can progress, they are 400 % more committed, engaged, satisfied and productive, making the company significantly more profitable.

We know that achieving all of this takes a lot of doing.

Let’s start a conversation about your company’s journey today.  We promise you’ll be empowered when you do.

Ready to get started?  Tell us a little about what’s happening or ask us questions below.  Of course, you can email or call any time.  That’s here.

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CC. Mullen, CEO

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