Do you have lizard brain?


You know how sometimes, it seems like no one hears what you are saying or when you ask for something to be a certain way or to be changed nothing happens?  Then maybe you get frustrated and don’t do your best work or want to quit?

What if I told you that you never have to feel this way again?

It’s true!

What we to do together as part of Conscious Partnership Building will give you skills and tools to help you know better how to ask for what you want or need and get it!  Listening and being heard creates alignment within the company between co-workers.  This alignment, knowing that we are all on the same side, motivates best-quality work, empowers action, and ultimately helps produce better working partnerships and stellar results.

Do you know the neurological science behind successful communication vs. missed-communication?

We call this Smart Brain vs. Lizard Brain.

When someone is operating with lizard brain in control (hint:  we all do this), their communication efforts drop to a primal, survival level and this, my friend, can be really ugly.

Stay tuned to know why!


image courtesy of Creatvie Commons.  Some rights reserved.

lizard image credit


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